What is a typical day like at CNS?
Although all classes are slightly different a typical day might be:

  • Starting the day in the classroom meeting, greeting and playing with our friends as we begin our time at CNS
  • Gathering for story time, discussion, lesson and explanation of the day’s project (usually art or science themed)
  • Utilizing the large multi-purpose room for activities like music, dance, yoga, reading in the loft, and playing (large building blocks, train table, work table and tools, dress up clothes, etc)
  • Going outside for playtime at one of our two beautiful playgrounds

What is expected of Parents or Care-givers at CNS?

As a cooperative nursery school, parent / caregiver involvement is important to the success of our children and the school!  Parents or care-givers have the opportunity to participate in the classroom approximately once per month (see buy-out option below), attend one work party, and volunteer for The Little Folks Fair the first Saturday in June.

Is CNS a secure facility? Yes. Our doors are always locked. Anyone entering the school must present themselves at the front door security device and provide verbal and physical identification prior to entry. Additionally, CNS staff carry cell phones and parent contact information when outside the school building as well as any medication pertinent to a child in their care. CNS has additional protocols in place in the event of other emergencies

Is snack or lunch provided? No. Children are to bring a healthy snack for the morning programs and a lunch for the afternoon programs. 

Is CNS a nut-free facility? Yes. CNS is a nut-free facility and we strictly adhere to this policy. The safety and well-being of all of our students is our first and foremost priority! 

What if my child has a younger sibling at home? Although siblings are welcome during drop-off and pick-up time, we ask you to arrange care outside of school for other children when you parent-help. 

Is there a Co-op Buy Out Option?
A buy out option is available to families who would like to join CNS but are unable to fulfill the in-class co-op requirement. For these families, CNS offers a buy-out option on a limited basis and at an increased rate. 

Will there be parent/teacher conferences? CNS holds one formal parent teacher conference a year. However, teachers are available to confer with you at any time and you will have ample opportunities to see the growth of your child while assisting in the classroom as a parent helper. 

Will parents have to engage in fundraising activities? CNS has one main source of fundraising known as The Little Folks Fair, a Connecticut Shoreline favorite event held on Guilford’s historic Green on the first Saturday in June. All parents are required to help prepare for and host the event. 

Will I have a chance to meet with other parents? You will have many opportunities to interact with fellow CNS families. “Coffee Hours” are held early in the fall as a way to meet and greet other parents in the school. A school picnic is held in the fall and again in the spring. Parent forums featuring special guest speakers may occur throughout the school year as well.

Will children play outside every day? The teachers at CNS will make every effort possible to allow outside play for the children, even if it’s a bit chilly or if there’s a bit of snow on the ground! Parents are asked to provide proper clothing each day for their children, especially if inclement weather is predicted. 

What is the weather policy? If Guilford Public Schools has cancelled class then CNS will also close. If Guilford Public Schools has early dismissal then CNS will keep its regularly scheduled program hours.  If Guilford Public Schools has a delayed start then CNS will only delay its Three and Four Year Old programs by one hour (10 AM - 12 PM) while all other programming remains the same.