Rachel Daniels, Director

Rachel began at CNS as a parent who served on the Board before becoming the schoool's Director. Rachel received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from James Madison University and a Masters in Elementary Education from Mercy College. She has previously held positions as a pre-K head teacher at the Downtown Children’s Center in St. Louis, MO and a 4th grade teacher in the Bronx, NY. Rachel lives with her husband and four children in Guilford.


Shelley Gullette, Teacher

Shelley servers as the Assistant Director and a teacher. She attended James Madison College in Virginia for two years studying Special and Early Childhood Education. Shelley has been with CNS for over 25 years. She lives in Guilford with her husband Greg and has three adult sons. She is on the board for SARAH and enjoys golf, cooking, and kayaking.

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Valerie Carubia, Teacher

Val first began her time at CNS as a parent while her three children attended preschool and has now been a teacher at CNS for over 25 years. She holds a Bachelors in art education (K-12) from Southern Connecticut State University. She and her husband John live in Guilford and have three adult children. Val loves spending her time with her family on the Cape, singing with Shoreline Soul, and being outdoors.


Denise Zukowski, Teacher

Denise has a Bachelors in Special Education with a concentration in Psychology and a Masters in Special Education from Southern Connecticut State University. Prior to CNS she had thirteen years of classroom experience. Denise grew up in Guilford and has three boys. She is a board member for her local Little League Association and enjoys reading and sewing.


Cristina Parent, Teacher

Cristina began her time at CNS as a parent and a board member when her two children attended preschool. She has a Bachelors in Fine Art from the Fashion institute of Technology. Cristina combines her art education and fluency in Spanish with her passion for teaching. Cristina lives in Guilford with her family and enjoys Interior Design, music, and traveling.


Elena Pradith, Teacher

Elena received her Bachelors in Speech-Language Pathology from Northeastern University and her Masters in Elementary and Special Education from San Francisco State University. Elena taught for twelve years in a variety of settings which included both public and private schools. Elena lives in Guilford with her husband and two children and enjoys reading, baking, organizing, and hiking.